UTEC:  over 30 successfully years with projects in the fields of energy and green environment -- + -- 30 years of experience !!

Zero - Waste - Concept for palm oil mills

  • Operation without any sewage by reduction and composting
  • No astes by recycling and energetic use as biomass
  • Production of energy using renewable sources
  • Increase of productivity by advanced technology and fertilization
  • Recycling of nutrients
  • Possibility of CDM-projects

Development in co-operation with "Johann von Thünen Institut Braunschweig (vTI, former. FAL)" 






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Upgrading biogas to biomethane

Renewable Energy from organic wastes in the county of Minden-Lübbecke.

A new project using upgraded biogas injected in the gas-grid has been realized in Westfalia in Nothern Germany. The biomethane is transformed into electricity and heat by 3 cogeneration plants (total of 1.180 kWel), installed in Minden and Bad Oeynhausen, about 100 km away from the biogas plant.

Biomethananlage Mnden
Biomethananlage Mnden







UTEC has been responsible for the overall-concept and the realization of the

  • upgrading-plant,
  • injection to the grid,
  • measurement-systems and 
  • the cogeneration-plants

The operation started in 2010 


Anarobic wastewater-treatment of wool processing factory in Uruguay

  • Minimizing of methane-emissions
  • Potential of biogas-production
  • Recycling uf nutrients
  • Utilization of chemical treatment
  • Posibility as CDM-project

Consultancy an laboratory-work in Germany and in Uruguay. 






The project is still in progress.


Anarobic wastewater-treatment of swine-manure in Chile

  • Concept an laboratory work for a big pig farm in central Chile
  • Potential of biogas production using fixed bed digestors
  • Influenc of temperature
  • Influence of screening
  • Elimination of NH-x
  • Recycling of nutrients
  • Cost-calculation







Project in Co-operation with our chilenian partner Genera4 S.A. 


Wood Chips Create Jobs in Bosnia and Herzogovina

The first two wood chip heatings in Bosnia and Herzegovina are working

The first wood chip fired heating systems in Bosnia were commissioned in November 2006 in Banja Luka. A retirement home and the building of a charity organization have been heated with wood from then on. The project of the German-Croatian Society (Deutsch-Kroatischen Gesellschaft) was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt). UTEC GmbH took over the planning and project coordination.













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