Heat Plants

The use of solid biomass as a source of energy in heat plants is gaining importance. Most importantly, it is the CO2 neutral generation of heat and the co-generation of power in larger scale plants that sets a benchmark. The spectrum of applications reaches from small scale units for single houses to large scale heat plants. The usual raw materials are various wood types: lumber, wood residues and old wood. Plants under article 17 of the federal emission control regulation (BImSchV) can also be run on other organic material, such as carcass meal, sewage sludge and other organic materials.

Our experience allows us not only to provide suitable technical solutions, but also to rely on good connections to the waste management and resource markets, as well as expertise on the political framework.

As an independent engineering company we are not to be bound to any manufacturer or technology, and thus provide a customized solution to reach a technical and economic optimum for each project.

We have clients from industry as well as from the public administration.

Our services:

  • Studies and solutions
  • Assessment of economic viability and profitability
  • Planning of the BImSchG licensing
  • Planning, construction and operation monitoring
  • Market studies
  • Research and Development

Our expert:
» Gerhard Kopiske



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