Wind Energy

The use of wind energy for electricity generation in Germany began with the development of large wind turbines (GROWIAN) by the end of the 1970s. As a result of a federal promotion program, the 1980s saw the beginning of a rapid development of the use of wind energy. Currently the expansion onshore is slowing down. The growth potential seems higher offshore and abroad.

We have taken part in these developments since the very beginning. At the Technical University Braunschweig we ran the simulations of double-fed generators for large wind turbines (Growian) and studied the interference with network stability of the inverters. We identified wind potential areas for the region of Bremen and many municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein.

Compact medium voltage stations were built for the first time in the wind park in Wremen with our help. Furthermore, we developed there the first remote monitoring system. We have pre-planned, planned and monitored the development of many wind projects. We have also planned and built substations and engaged deeply in the problem of unused wind power.

We believe that the future challenges lie mainly in the electro-technical sphere. With an increasing share in the German electricity market the requirements for wind power industry are growing: e.g. useful and unused power regulation and preparedness in case of short circuits.


Our services:

We offer advice and monitoring of all your wind power activities from the choice of the site to the connection to the grid.

In particular, we offer:

  • Identification and pre-evaluation of sites
  • Assessment of grid connection options, negotiations with the energy supplier
  • Laying of grids, identification of the optimal cable profile, calculation of losses and burnout.
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Planning, procurement and supervision of the digging, construction of the access and the fundament, medium tension stations, connection, metering and regulation devices, remote monitoring, substations.
  • Supervision of running wind projects: reading of meters, billing of several turbines with one grid connection, control of utility bills
  • General consultancy

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» Jens Hohlfeld



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